About Us History of Blue Sky Digital Printing!

Trent Lindmark

Blue Sky Digital Printing is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality of digitally printed vinyl advertisements. Blue Sky can meet virtually any printing need and offers a wide range of sizes and vinyl products for both indoor and outdoor applications. Blue Sky’s award-winning graphics design team stands ready to assist customers in designing the most creative product with eye-catching appeal. Our printing team then translates such designs onto your choice of quality vinyl products using the highest-rated inks to ensure great resilience and durability.

Blue Sky was founded in 2011 by Trent Lindmark, who is also the owner of Lindmark Outdoor Media. You can read more about the evolution of both companies here. Trent’s knowledge and experience in digital printing, derived from both an owner’s and customer’s perspectives, propelled Blue Sky to where we are currently printing advertising vinyl for hundreds of customers, including other billboard companies, across the United States. Blue Sky has the capacity to print over 1.5 million square feet of advertising vinyl per month. We ensure that every square foot we print meets our highest of quality standards.

Blue Sky is bringing new customers on board virtually every day, and we are expanding our product line to meet the needs of our valued customers. Throughout this process, Blue Sky adheres to the following core values to provide the best possible experience for our customers:

  • Integrity: strive to always do the right thing; be honest; never lie.
  • Stewardship: continually look for ways to improve profitability and sustainability.
  • Service: give our customers the best service and work hard to make a fair relationship.
  • Persistence: be persistent in keeping with an entrepreneurial attitude.
  • Responsibility: own mistakes; take responsibility for and learn from them.
  • Respect: treat everyone with respect.
  • Partnership: treat all stakeholders as partners.